Thursday, November 29, 2007

wonder pugs

I'm hell bent on teaching Frankie some tricks. Sofia can give me her paws, sit, lie down and listen. When I ask her to listen she turns her head as though she's listening for something... then she barks. Normally I ask her to listen for the squirrels. She hates them. I call Sofia "mama"... it's an italian term of endearment a mother has with her baby. That's my best explanation. I always call her mama. You can hardly see the detail in her face, because I was struggling with another certain pug. I'll try to get some daytime video of her. Gosh I love that pug!!! Frankie can give you his paw and almost sit still. He's doing so well. I've posted a video of them doing some tricks. I want to teach them to dance like Lisa's fur-babies. He seems to understand me when I talk. I often tell him that I don't like something and he'll instantly stop or cock his head to the side (like only pugs can do best). He's almost house broken... smart little bugger. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

meet my babies

Well, here I am. My first Blogger post. I'm still getting used to this site... so be patient with me.

Here are my two babies.
Sofia is my 4 year old female puglet.. and Frankie is my 4 month old puglet.